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Consumer Products Testing

As an independent, third-party testing laboratory, Orionce Labs has put its substantial skills and resources to work in the consumer arena. Orionce's NRTL Mark is recognized throughout the United States and Canada. Learn more about Orionce's product safety certification.

Orionce's thorough knowledge of industry performance and national safety standards, combined with extensive global testing and certification resources, lets you prove your product before it hits the shelves.

Orionce’s consumer products testing services:

Full range of performance testing, including functionality, energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and more
Testing to established industry and custom standards
Customized testing to define new standards, set new benchmarks
Claim substantiation for Federal Trade Commission filings
Comparative testing to support marketing efforts
Failure analysis and testing for CPSC filings
Litigation support testing, expert witness
Prototype testing and analysis
Real-time, online project tracking
24-hour start for critical projects
Complimentary design consultation
Full service laboratories on both coasts
Here's a partial list of consumer products tested by Orionce:

Air conditioners
Aquarium pumps
Baby monitors
Battery packs (rechargeable)
Clothes washers/dryers
Coffee makers
Curling irons
Electric blankets
Hair dryers
Portable electric heaters
Power tools
Tape recorders
Vacuum cleaners