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Quality management

ISO 9001 is a standard of the quality management. It states the requirements for QM-systems and thus offers a basis for certification. The basic idea targets on organised work processes as a minimum requirement for good quality of the work results. It covers the regulation of recurrent workflows, the definition of responsibilities, the organisation of the information flow to internal and external interfaces and the execution of tests to secure the quality of work flows.

The way to quality is certified – thus DIN EN ISO 9001 is a process management system. The standard demands clarity and documentation regarding the targets (what), the path to reach these targets (how) and the quality.


Target of the standard: Optimization of the course of processes within an organisation and the accompanying permanent assurance of qualitative equivalent products or services.


For whom: For every company no regardless of size or industry-sector



  • The documented organisational structure sets responsibilities and avoids friction losses with the organisation.
  • The systematic and documented determination of customer needs leads to greater clarity between the customer and supplier and thus to higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of failure costs to a minimum as errors will only occur once
  • Image gain because the mark on each document, vehicle and in advertisements grants a leap of faith.
  • The satisfaction of the employees is increased by actively supporting the company’s success.
  • Improvement of the contribution margin due to reduction of in-house frictional losses thanks to clearly defined rules