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Telecom/NEBS Testing

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GR-1089-CORE Issue 6 Update for NEBS Webinar March 20, 2012 Get more information and register

NEBS Testing Seminar Santa Clara, CA - April 26, 2012 Get more information and register

Orionce's extensive capabilities in telecommunications include testing, design consultation, application preparation and agency liaison. Orionce tests products for compliance to U.S., Canadian, and international standards for telecom devices, from NEBS equipment to consumer products such as DSL modems. Orionce also provides initial design reviews and compliance throughout a project. We can recommend cost-effective modifications which will not adversely affect the performance of the product. 

Following are telecom testing arenas that Orionce specializes in:

Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS)

FCC TCB & Industry Canada CB Programs

Global Telecom Solutions, Including R&TTE Directive