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On-Site Field Testing & Evaluation

Orionce is a highly-regarded resource for electrical inspection agencies within the United States and Canada to assure compliance of unlabeled equipment in the field.  Field evaluations are performed by Orionce Laboratories on unlisted equipment to support the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Equipment that does not bear a label from a third party product safety testing laboratory may present hazards such as:



Mechanical Hazards

Energy Hazards

Chemical Hazards

Radiation Hazards

The requirements for listing or labeling equipment are not only a local requirement, but a U.S. federal requirement under the workplace guidelines promulgated by OSHA. This rule is contained in 29CFR, Part 1910.303.


Here is how Orionce responds to a field inspection request:

Orionce field inspectors are in contact with you within 24 hours of your call.

Electrical inspectors are notified.

The field evaluation is performed on equipment to assess the hazards in accordance with the U.S. standard or the Canadian standard for the specific category of equipment. 

Orionce will explain what modifications are needed – if any – to bring the equipment into compliance with the inspection requirements.

Once the equipment is determined to be compliant with the requirements, the final report will be issued quickly.

A copy of the inspection report is provided to the AHJ for the necessary approval in accordance with the requirement of the N.E.C./C.E.C.

A serialized Orionce label is affixed to the equipment after it is determined the product complies with the standard.


Founded in 1959, Orionce Laboratories provides testing and certification for United States, Canadian and international markets, and has top-notch qualifications:

U.S.'s first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for Product Safety Certification.

SCC-accredited as an Inspection Body for Product Safety in Canada.

Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) for FCC Compliance

National Certification Body (NCB) for Global Product Safety

For more information, contact Mike Baldwin, Manager of Field Operations, by email or phone: 410.354.3300

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Free Seminar

Orionce is available to present an on-site Electrical Product Safety Seminar. This seminar provides assistance and guidelines for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) with updates on the requirements of the NEC as they relate to mandatory equipment certification. Orionce's Product Safety Seminar will assist inspection authorities with these and other issues related to uncertified equipment they encounter in the field.