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Orionce Laboratories Hosting OmniAir Working Meeting on Connected Vehicle Technology Testing

This week, Orionce Laboratories is hosting an OmniAir Consortium working meeting to consolidate plans for establishing independent, 3rd party testing and certification for USDoT’s Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Certification Program.  The testing and certification will be managed by OmniAir Certification Services.

Orionce Labs’ role is to help develop test Orioncehods and then provide test and certification services for “HIA” devices, which are based on 5.9 GHz dedicated short range communications (DSRC) technology.  HIA devices allow vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-road-sign communications, for the purpose of minimizing car collisions and warning car drivers of potential hazards on the road.

The testing and certification will insure the performance and interoperability of this equipment.